From the moment you reach the door, Launch embodies a warm welcome and an environment that cultivates passion.

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Launch is the house that cultivates passion for hair and the people that wear it.


Combining old school customer service with new school trends. It’s about leaving people better than how we found them. To lift up guests to their highest potential and in turn get to show off our fierce love for what we do.


The goal is to use Launch to reach into the community and be an advocate for well being. 


The doors flew open in June of 2016. Nestled in the Michigan St corridor, tucked between the special little businesses that anchor this corner of town. In the years of growth there has been already – and the ones to come, this neighborhood has welcomed and supported Launches direction to love on and stride with the people surrounding it.


Built from a yearning to chase wild dreams, network with folks that are moving mountains, and create wearable art.


This business has been a moldable and tangible goal that brings joy into its 1100 square foot foot print every week.


You may think its about the hair, as thats the language we speak around here. But please know, that the hair you leave with should just scratch the surface of how you’ll feel when you leave.


xo, Nicole


723 Michigan St NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: +1 616 288 5828
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